Soundgasm Glitch 2 Presets

Rick Christy – aka grymmjack – has released some excellent (and free!) VST preset banks for Glitch 2. Grab them now from the Soundgasm Design website. Also check out his great 2-part stream of consciousness style video, where he gives a candid look at Glitch’s various features, dissects many of his presets and explains the approaches he took while designing them, not to mention going off on various inspirational tangents that lead to total sonic chaos! Very fun stuff indeed. Cheers, Rick!

Glitch 2 Presets by Soundgasm Design

VST Hacking #1 – Glitch 2 – Part 1
VST Hacking #1 – Glitch 2 – Part 2

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My good friend Steve Mason – whose work never ceases to inspire and simultaneously fuel my own crushing feelings of artistic and technical inadequacy – is working on yet another mind-bogglingly beautiful project. This “ornamentation engine” runs in real-time, procedurally generating a stream of beautifully intricate Baroque acanthus designs. Absolutely fucking stunning!

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One of many works in progress.

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Glitch 2

Glitch 2 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Visit the new website for downloads and more information.

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Super Space Rubbish

This post is ridiculously late because I’m such a distracted/busy/lazy shit when it comes to blogging, but, just in case you didn’t already know, I wanted to mention that the incredibly fun game Super Space Rubbish (which I’ve mentioned before) is now available on the Slakinov website.

The game is addictive as hell and will have you shouting four-letter words at the top of your lungs when it all inevitably goes pear-shaped, just before you mutter “one more try…”, until finally coming to your senses at 3am and realising that you’ve got work in the morning. Good stuff!

You can purchase Super Space Rubbish for the insultingly low price of $4, which gets you the full game with its in-depth career mode and many other features, plus a superb original soundtrack by Datassette. On top of that, for a measely $1 extra ($5 total!) you can purchase the DinoRubbish MegaBundle which features both Super Space Rubbish and the shit hot Dino Run SE by indie games bad-asses PixelJam, plus the original soundtracks for both games!

John Davies (the guy behind Datassette and Slakinov) is a very good friend of mine, so if you care at all about indie developers and musicians then I urge you to show him some love by supporting his work!

Play Super Space Rubbish

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Space Rubbish – the frenetic new shoot’em up game by Datassette – is a modern take on the timeless arcade classic Asteroids, with a host of exciting new features that bring it bang up to date.

Blast your way through space debris to harvest the precious ores within, all the while dodging lethal, high velocity shards that splinter off from carelessly aimed shots. Defend yourself from waves of enemy attackers, energy leeching space vampires, boss battles, and other hazardous entities. Dock your ship with roaming traders to earn credits and purchase essential upgrades to your weapons, engine, shields and other systems.

Featuring original music and sound effects by Datassette, realistic physics, gorgeous particle effects, in-game achievements, and hours of honest-to-goodness classic arcade fun, Space Rubbish is coming soon from Slakinov to a browser near you!

Stay tuned to and for updates.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 Friends, Games

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